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Commercial Structures

PHN Commercial is comprised of a team of industry professionals whose knowledge and experience meet the requirements of our commercial clients nationwide. As a member of the Cavco family of builders and servicers, we provide a full range of design options in addition to our full service design-build capabilities.

Using our expertise in concurrent site development with our vast experience in accelerated modular construction techniques, we are able to complete up to 90% of the building construction for your project off-site. This results in reduced site disruption, faster time to completion and occupancy than site-built construction can provide.

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Our design/build services provide our clients unmatched depth and breadth of products, full service capabilities and support, nationwide reach, optimal geographic distribution and highly efficient sourcing. This combination brings together people, capabilities and capital to provide leading products and services to our customers.

Using a combination of offsite manufacturing and the on-site application of interior and exterior finishes, we can provide the same amenities, curb appeal and life expectancy in our permanent modular facilities that is typically expected with site built structures.  However, using modular construction, we can do this with lower overall design and construction costs and an accelerated project time frame. We can also provide green construction to any level necessary.

Contact us with any questions about using modular for your next multi-family or single-family or community development, urban infill, coastal, commercial or hospitality project.

Commercial Structures